Our Talented Team

Original thinkers, imaginative and creative world-builders, skilled crafters of short stories, Bear Publications proudly presents our writing team (in alphabetical order):

Linda Burklin--"Cameo," Mythic Orbits 2016

Linda has been a storyteller and writer since childhood. Raised primarily in Africa, she wrote for and edited her college newspaper for two years while earning her English degree. For seventeen years, she has taught writing classes to her own and other homeschooled children, and authored the Story Quest creative  writing curriculum. She has written a memoir, several short stories, and five novels. Her passion is speculative fiction.

Find out more about linda at: http://www.lindaburklin.com/

Adam David Collings--"Lynessa's Curse," Medieval Mars


Adam makes his home in Austrailia's Island state of Tasmania with his wife and two children. When he's not working as a software developer you'll find him dreaming up stories of the fantastical. 

He has a keen interest in video--hosting his own YouTube show about books, movies, and games, and mixing the live video feed at his local church.

Find out more about Adam at: http://www.adamdavidcollings.com

Lelia Rose Foreman--Writing Speculative Fiction; Shatterworld Trilogy  

When she was in the fifth grade and working her way through the long row of Reader’s Digest Condensed Books on her mother’s shelf, she ran across A Fall of Moondust by Arthur C. Clarke. It was though a fuse had been lit and fireworks went off. Next she read every speculative fiction book in her small town library. (There were a lot fewer then.) In high school she discovered J. R. R. Tolkien and fell in love with fantasy as well. As for horror, she’s still working on appreciating the genre.

She obtained a B.S. in Medical Technology, raised and released five children, all of whom survived, and followed her husband in the U.S.A.F to bases in Japan, Texas, and Alaska. She is the author of A Shattered World and a number of short stories in anthologies.

Jill Domschot--"Liar's Paradox," Medieval Mars; "The Disembodied Hand," Mythic Orbits 2016


Jill is a writer consumed with ideas. Although these ideas often spawn absurd and/or dark and twisted stories, they are just as likely to compel her to creat collations and catalogs. She's a wife, a mom of four, and currently the author of two books: a collection of fantasy, sci fi, and magical realist shorts, The Jaybird's Nest and other Stories; and a metaphysical tale about a woman, a man, a dragon, and a child, Anna and the Dragon. For work that actually pays, she edits and formats books for a wide variety of authors.

Lisa Godfrees--"Dental Troll," Mythic Orbits 2016


Lisa Godfrees is fascinated with creatures that don't exist, especially Jackalopes. She was a forensic scientist for over a decade and still testifies as a technical expert in the courtroom. She is a light programmer extraordinaire, incredibly punny, an oxford comma enthusiast, mom of two, wife of one, hybrid homeschool parent and self-proclaimed data junkie. She's also the author of about a half dozen great short stories featured in anthologies as well as the co-author of Mind Writer

Andrea J. Graham--Creator, Avatars of Web Surfer universe; author of four stories in the AWS anthology


Andrea studied creative writing and religion at Ashland University. She's been envisioning fantastic worlds since age six and has been writing science fiction novels since she was fourteen. In addition to creating the Web Surfer anthology, she has written an additional four novels in the same universe. She is married to author Adam Graham and edits his novels, including Tales of the Dim Knight and Slime Incorporated. Their short story "Chosen of God" was featured in Light at the Edge of Darkness with her own short story, "Frozen Generation." Andrea lives with her husband, Adam, and her cat, Joybell, in Boise, Idaho.

Kat Heckenbach--"The Power from the Past," Medieval Mars; "Clay's Fire," Mythic Orbits 2016


Kat grew up in a small town, where she spent most of her time either drawing or sitting in her "reading tree" with her nose buriend in a fantasy novel...except for the hours pretending her back yard was an enchanted forest that could only be reached through the secret passage in her closet. She never could give up on the idea that maybe she really was magic, mistakenly placed in a world not her own--but as the years past, and no elves or fairies carted her away, she realized she was just going to have to create the life of her fantasies with words. Her characters always find a secret world--whether it be real, imaginary, or in the pages of a book.

Cindy Koepp--"The Dragon's Bane," Medieval Mars; "Interference," "Jewel Among Stones," "The Fall of the Invincible Man," and "Hard Knocks," Avatars of Web Surfer

Cindy is originally from Michigan. She moved to Texas as a child and later received a degree inf Wildlife Sciences and a teaching certification in Elementary Education from rival universities. Her recently concluded adventures in education involved pursuing a master's degree in Adult Learning with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement. Cindy currently has five published novels, a serial published online, short stories in five anthologies, and a few self-published teacher resource books. When she isn't reading or writing, Cindy spends time whistling with a crazy African Grey. Cindy currently is an editor with PDMI Publishing and Barking Rain Press.

Donna McFarland--"Sam and the Dragon," Medieval Mars


Donna developed an early love for literature and writing. She also dreamed of becoming an astronaut and her first "chapter book," written when she was in the fifth grade, was a story about a family who moved to Mars. Donna later contributed to her high school and college newspapers while working in book stores and libraries. After earning a degree in piano performance from Wheaton College and a master's degree in piano pedagogy from the University of Oregon, she taught at New Hope Christian College and currently teaches music theory at Northwest Christian University.

Her books include Follow the Star: Christmas Songs for Piano, The Purple Elephant chapter books, Duck and Friends early readers, Sam and the Dragon: A Medieval Mars Story and several college music textbooks. Donna and her husband live in Oregon and are the pround parents of a talented son who inspires them daily.


Find out more about Donna at: www.duckandfriends.com

Richard New--"Escapee," Mythic Orbits 2016


Richard is a believer in Jesus Christ and a long time reader of science fiction. After thirty-five plus years, Richard is still married to the love of his life, Carle. They have a son and daughter, and are the proud grandparents of two grandsons.

He has been published in Lines South, the quarterly publication of the Atlantic Coast Line and Seaboard Air Line Railroads Historical Society magazine (Vol 32, No.1, pages 34-38). Splickety Publishing's Lightning blog of December 22, 2015 has his story "Patrol Duty."

Kerry Nietz--"Graxin," Mythic Orbits 2016


Kerry Nietz is a refugee of the software industry. He spent more than a decade of his life flipping bits, first as one of the principal developers of the database product FoxPro for the now mythical Fox Software, and then as one of Bill Gates's minions at Microsoft. He is a husband, a father, a technophile, and a movie buff. He is the author of several award-winning novels, including A Star Curiously Singing, Freeheads, and Amish Vampires in Space.

Travis Perry--"The War Between the Mons," Medieval Mars; "The Digital Car," Avatars of Websurfer; Mind-Bending Speculative Fiction and Fact; Military & Horror Speculative Fiction & Fact


Travis is an Army Reserve officer who has deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, and East Africa and who has a deep interest in science fiction, though he also has written fantasy and horror. He began editing short story collections with Avenir Eclectia and Aquasynthesis by Splashdown Books, collections he also contributed short stories to. He also contributed to Aquasynthesis Again and a non-fiction military account to the anthology Stories from a Soldier's Heart. He has several novels in the works as well as numerous short story anthology ideas. He currently lives with his wife Tabatha in Monterrey, Mexico.

Kirk Outerbridge--"Nether Ore," Mythic Orbits 2016


Kirk lives with his wife Ria and two sons Miles and Macen in beautiful Bermuda. He is a faithful member of the Church of Christ and is a professional engineer by training.

Allison Rohan--"Golden," Medieval Mars


Allison was a high school student from North Carolina at the time of her publication in Medieval Mars, which was her first published story. In addition to writing, she studies music, drama, and ballet. Her short fiction has received five regional honors from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Sherry Rossman--"The Water Man," Mythic Orbits 2016


Sherry is the author of the bestselling Christian YA fantasy novel, Faith Seekers, as well as Wake, the first in the dystopian City of Light series.


The Relevant Christian Magazine and Wordsmith Journal Magazine have published her recent short stories. Stepping into a new adventure, Sherry has become the leader of the newly formed Roots Writers Social Media & Critique Group, a project of Cataclysm Missions International. 

She lives in northern Arizona with her husband and children.

RV Saunders--"Baby, don't cry," Mythic Orbits 2016


RV is an award-winning writer living and working in Birmingham, England, a couple of hundred yards from where J R R Tolkien grew up. He has had over thirty short stories and poems published. After taking several years off writing to pursue a variety of other interests, he is now embarking on a new series of fantasy and science fiction short stories,

Matthew Sketchley--"Ghost Roommate," Mythic Orbits 2016


Matthew is currently a student at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario. He writes whenever possible and has involved himself with student theater by writing, directing, acting, and even working backstage in various productions. In this atmosphere, he gained a love for short, strange comedy, which shows through in his stories.

Cindy Emmett Smith--"A Model of Decorum," Mythic Orbits 2016


Cindy is a prize-winning writer from central Pennsylvania where she lives with her kilt-wearing husband. Their three children have flown the nest.


She published the novel The Cracked and Silent Mirror in 2000. Services appeared in Church Worship Magazine in 2002 and 2003, stories in  True Confessions and Coming Home from Rocking Chair Reader in 2004 and poetry in Time of Singing, Byline, and Penned from the Heart. She contributes to the Christmas section of the Williamsport Gazette, which was edited by West Branch Christian Writers. Cindy currently has two speculative fiction novels available: Perfect Blood Innocent Blood and Solo Flight. 

Kristen Stieffel--"Flight," Medieval Mars


Kristen is a writer and freelance editor specializing in speculative fiction. She is the lead editor at New Authors Fellowship, a group blog for Christian speculative fiction writers, and serves as associate editor of Havok, a flash fiction magazine focused on speculative genres. Kristen has edited a variety of projects, including business nonfiction and Bible studies, but she is a novelist at heart and has edited novles for both the general market and the Christian submarket. 

H.A. Titus--"Malfunction," Avatars of Web Surfer


H.A. is often found with her nose in a book or spinning storyworlds in her head. She first fell in love with speculative fiction when she was twelve and her dad handed her The Lord of the Rings. She lives on the shores of Lake Superior with her meteorologist husband and their young children, who do their best to ensure that she occasionally emerges into the real world, usually for some kind of adventure. When she's not writing, she can be found rock climbing, mountain biking, or skiing. She is the author of the Celtic urban fantasy Forged Steel. 

Mark Venturini--"Search for Eden," Medieval Mars; "The Bones Don't Lie," Mythic Orbits 2016


Mark's short fiction and flash fiction has appeared in various print and electronic magazines over the years. He founded the Pittsburgh East Scribes critique group in 2010 with the aim of helping aspiring writers pursue their dream of publication. The group has flourished beyond his wildest dreams. 

When he's not exploring fantastical realms, you'll find Mark exploring the natrual wonders of southwestern PA either in his kayak or with a backpack slung over his shoulders.

L. Jagi Lamplighter--"HMS Mangled Treasure," Mythic Orbits 2016


Jagi is the author of the YA fantasy series: The Books of Unexpected Enlightenment. She is also the author of the Prospero's Daughter series: Prospero Lost, Prospero In Hell, and Prospero Regained. She has published numerous articles on Japanese animation and appears in several short story anthologies, including Best Of Dreams of Decadence, No Longer Dreams, Coliseum Morpheuon, Bad-Ass Faeries Anthhologies (where she is also an assistant editor) and the Science Fiction Book Club's Don't Open This Book.

When not writing, she switches to her secret identity as wife and stay-home mom in Centreville, VA, where she lives with her dashing husband, author John C. Wright, and their four darling children.

Joshua M. Young--"Domo," Mythic Orbits 2016


Joshua is an M.Div. student at Ashland Theological Seminary in Columbus, Ohio, where he lives with his wife, a pair of neurotic cats, and an incoming baby. His two great loves are space opera and abstract theology, with much of his writing being attempts to combine the two.


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