What Aliens Teach us About God uses examples from Science Fiction to illustrate Christian observations about the nature of God. As stated in the introduction of the book: "Alien intelligence in science fiction can teach important truths about the nature of the God of the Bible. Because in some very important ways, the Creator of the universe does not think the way a human being thinks." 


This short book uses examples from science fiction to discuss the nature of God from a Christian perspective and also discusses the nature of aliens as presented in science fiction and elsewhere. 


Lelia Rose Foreman's outstaning guide to writing speculative ficiton now has a version for adult learners. Combining elements of the Teacher's and Student editons for people teaching themselves to write on their own, Writing Speculative Fiction takes the best lessons on writing speculative fiction and taylors them to a self-paced format!


This textbook develops an 18-week program designed to guide prospective students through creating their own speculative fiction story, that is, a science fiction, fantasy, or horror story. Designed for homeschoolers and small-school settings, this textbook draws on excerpts from dozens of speculative fiction authors and writing experts. It gives detailed information about genre, cultural world building, physical world building, plot, character, character arc, heroes, villains, sidekicks, bystanders, description, conflict and tension, editing and revising, "your first chapter," voice, words and worldview, science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Each chapter in the course contains exercises for students, including extra credit activities, in addition to guiding the creating of an individual short story.


The teacher's edition includes a section on scope and sequence and contains answer keys.

The Student Edition is virtually identical to the Teacher's Edition, but does NOT have answer keys or scope and sequence information.




Each edition of Writing Speculative Fiction is illustrated with over 20 images taken from magazines that published speculative fiction, whose artwork has now entered the public domain.


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