Tales of the Phoenix

A Medieval Mars Book

Tales of the Phoenix combines three novellas set in the story world of Medieval Mars: Flight, Storm, and Battle. Astrid, former bird rider, finds a new adventure with the crew of the airship Phoenix and the vessel's intriguing captain, Ian. 

Mythic Orbits  Vol. 2

Best Speculative Fiction by Christian Authors

In a series praised by both Tosca Lee, Kathy Tyers, and Kerry Nietz,  this anthology of eleven speculative fiction stories by Christian authors shines in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and LitRPG genres. Featuring Kat Heckenbach's "Mark the Days," this collection has something for every speculative fiction fan.

Mythic Orbits 2016

Best Speculative Fiction by Christian Authors

Praised by both Tosca Lee and Kathy Tiers, this anthology of fourteen speculative fiction stories by Christian authors shines in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and paranormal genres. Featuring Kerry Nietz's "Graxin," this collection has something for every speculative fiction fan.

Victorian Venus


A future, one thousand years from now, where an echo of the Victorian past thrives on Venus. Terraformed Venus sees the culture of the era of high technology as one of innumerable dangers. Dominated by New Berlin, the most advanced society on the planet, the nation and city-states of Venus imitate both the technology and culture of the Victorian Era. As nations chafe under the yoke of New Berlin, war breaks out--driving a world so much like the past into a future entirely unlike our own.


Stories by Adam David Collings, Kat Heckenbach, Cindy Koepp, L. Jagi Lamplighter, and Kristen Stieffel. Edited and a story contribution by Travis Perry.


Medieval Mars


A future terraformed Mars, where civilization crashed back into a Medieval Era. Christian Knights called "riders" patrol the Pilgrim Road from Olympus to the Chryse Sea. The technological past is known as the "Age of Magic"...bird riders and dragons are a reality, alloys of the past make "magic" swords, and masters of ancient knowledge wield wizard-like power.

Nine authors spin tales in this unique story world, one which combines science fiction and epic fantasy.


Avatars of Web Surfer

Alexander McGregor is just an infant when his father converts his cells into biological supercomputer components. The child develops an AI mind called Sander and a human mind, Alex. Sander appears to over a billion users worldwide in separate avatars of himself.

Come. See the rise and fall of the AI-Man in these ten episodes. Each features a different AI user.

BY THE MAKER Anthologies with Travis Perry  as sole author:

Military & Horror Speculative Fiction & Fact

A veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan brings seven unique short stories and fifteen story idea essays that explore military science fiction, military fantasy, and horror.

Includes "Interview with a Man Eater," "Escape rom Hell," "Unknown Biologic," and the Story Combat Realism series.

Mind-Bending Speculative Fiction & Fact

12 Short Stories and 21 Storyworld Essays: Aliens, humans, and artifcial intelligences with strange motivations; magical technology; stories and parables with unexpected twists. Time travel based on real science and the science behind gravity, transporters, the Higgs Boson, magic, and so much more!


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